Policy of Trip & Sleep hostel

We are recruiting staff to work with us! What we think is important is to welcome guests from various cultures and backgrounds with hospitality and share conversation and smiles till we send them off. We endeavour to provide a pleasant and comfortable trip/accommodation to our guests at all times. If your values align with ours, we would love for you to join us!

How to apply

Weekly meet up every Friday

If you’re considering working with us, just make your way to the Trip & Sleep Hostel first. We are available at 14:00 or 18:00 every Friday. No call, email, message or preparation is needed so please feel free to come here to talk with us. We would love to get to know you.

If you’re not available on Fridays

If you live far from Nagoya or you’re busy on Friday, please make contact us via phone call or email beforehand. Let’s set date and time of meeting that you’re available.



Our responsibilities include managing check-in, giving tourism information, and baggage keeping. You will also deal with a lot more other services as needed including helping foreign guests. Therefore, conversational English skill and well-developed communication and interpersonal skill are necessary. Native level of Japanese language skill (N1 or more) is required for foreigners.


Reservation task includes managing bookings, rooms for sell, responding to inquiries by email or phone call and more. English skill is necessary as we frequently get questions in English. For non-native Japanese speakers, native level of Japanese language (N1 or more)is also required.


We all clean the guest rooms, bathrooms and common area before check-in time. We would like to keep our hostel clean all the time to provide pleasant space to our guests. However, it is possible to clean whenever it is necessary. Every staff member is expected to be familiar with cleaning.

Night staff

You will be in charge of emergency problems or late-check-in at late night. You will be the first person to take action when there is an accident or unexpected situation happened. Those who have moderate English speaking (conversation) skills, very responsible and always calm suit this position.

Terms of Employment and Special Notes

Employment status Part time
Place of work Naka ward, Nagoya, Aichi
Wage 990 yen/ hour ~ (there is a salary in training)
Working hour Shift system(Number of working days and period of time are negotiable)
Benefits Transportation costs(Limited)・Uniform rental
Others Company dormitory is negotiable

Regular Staff (without company dormitory)

You’ll join us as a part-time worker and commute from your home. Salary will be paid in hourly wage. Those who are interested in a hostel industry and work constantly as part-time would be suitable this work style.

Regular Staff (with company dormitory)

You’ll join us as a part-time worker and live in our company dormitory and commute to the hostel. The dormitory is different building besides the hostel. There will be a certain amount of rent to pay and salary will be paid in hourly wage. We would love for you to put your basement job down to our hostel and try not to get another job. If you want to work in a hostel while saving rent, this would be one of the best ways.

Helper (Free accommodation of the hostel in exchange for work)

Trip & Sleep hostel will be your workplace and home. Work time covers accommodation fee, which means there is no expense of staying in the hostel. If you work overtime, you can get paid. One of the benefits of living in a hostel is to get closer to our guests. This workstyle would be the best way to experience the most attractive part of a hostel job and especially recommended to people who have an interest in hostels and guesthouses.

Messages to those who are considering of working with us from Trip & Sleep hostel


Hostel (Guesthouse) job is very rewarding and fulfilling with invisible attracts. Smile and gratitude from guests will be delivered to your heart every day. If you’re the one who wants to experience such wonderful feelings through the work, we will definitely be welcoming you to our team!


Staff is all friendly and we try to create a comfortable atmosphere to always enjoy working. It’s an amazing place to experience different sense of values. Let’s learn a lot of things together throughout work!